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Can I buy Facebook Page Likes for any page?


Virtually every Facebook Page can receive likes from us. There are two cases where we need to make some slight adjustments first:
  1. Facebook Pages in the music category
  2. Facebook Pages with age/country restrictions

Music Pages

If you page is categorized as a “music” page or any subcategory such as musician, band, etc. we ask that you please change your page’s category before ordering likes. Instructions for changing your page’s category can be found here:

Restricted Pages

Facebook offers the ability to restrict certain demographics from viewing your page. In order to buy Facebook Page Likes from CoinCrack we need you to remove those restrictions first. Here’s instructions for removing age/geographic restrictions:

In both cases, category or restrictions, once your Likes appear from CoinCrack you’re free to change category or setting back to it’s original configuration.

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