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What if I made a mistake entering my username when buying Instagram Followers?


This information applies to both one time Instagram Followers orders and Daily Instagram Followers subscriptions.

If you forgot to add an “@” symbol or capitalize a letter, there’s nothing to worry about! Our system knows how to find your profile. If your username had an actual typo, please contact us right away! Please note that if the username you submitted is an active profile (even if it’s not owned by you) and the one time delivery of Instagram Followers has already been completed, then there’s nothing we can do. The service was delivered to the username you gave us! Please double-check your username before placing an order!

Helpful Tips

Instagram usernames are not case sensitive. All of these examples will work fine:
  • @coin_crack
  • @Coin_Crack
The @ symbol is optional. Both of these formats will work fine:
  • @coin_crack
  • coin_crack
If you have underscores, make sure you use the correct amount. 1 underscore (_) is different than 2 (__).
  • CORRECT example: @coin_crack
  • INCORRECT example: @coin__crack
You can also submit the full profile url including “https://” and/or “www”, with or without a trailing slash, and/or a combination of all three. To make that less confusing, all of these examples will work!
Some more fun facts:
  • Instagram usernames are 30 characters or less and the only special characters allowed are a d.ot and an under_score.
  • Most web browsers use “https://” these days, but if yours has the old “http://” that’s also fine.

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