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Kickstarting your career or already topping the charts? CoinCrack can help boost your profile and get your art heard on SoundCloud. We have 5 years of experience helping artists, musicians and podcasters stretch their content to the outer edges of the internet! In some cases we’ve helped people get signed by major labels and become music legends!

Why Buy SoundCloud Extras?

Marketing is hard! You can’t just upload it and prey. By boosting your track with positive stats like Followers, Plays, Downloads, Likes, Reposts and Comments your fans are more likely to engage your content and share your track with their friends.

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"People use the stats on SoundCloud to decide what to listen to. The more listens and engagements you have the more true fans you get."
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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers!

When will my SoundCloud Plays/Downloads/Likes/Reposts/Comments arrive?

All SoundCloud stats are queued up immedietly the moment payment is received. Delivery speeds fluctuate but rough estimates are as follows: Download/Plays 5-10k per hour, Likes/Reposts 50-100 per hour and Comments 25-50 per hour.

Who are these people listening to and engaging with my tracks?

Any website which claims you can buy real SoundCloud Plays or buy real SoundCloud Likes/Reposts/Comments is being untruthful. It's simply not possible. The accounts engaging your content are all created and run by computers.

Will my fans know I bought SoundCloud extras?

Not a chance! All engagements appear to be coming from real fans.

Should I buy SoundCloud Plays or buy SoundCloud Downloads?

SoundCloud explains the difference between Plays and Downloads here. SoundCloud Plays represents the total number of times your track has been listened to by your fans, including downloads. SoundCloud Downloads are an internal stat only seen by you when logged into your Stats Overview page.

If I buy SoundCloud Comments, what will the comments say?

All SoundCloud Comments are high quality and originally written by real people. They're positive, encouraging and in English just like most real SoundCloud comments.

Is buying SoundCloud Extras safe?

Absolutely! There's no risk to your account for buying a SoundCloud Track Pack or any other SoundCloud extras from CoinCrack.

Will these stats drop or disappear?

SoundCloud stats are very unlikely to drop based on our experience. If it does happen, CoinCrack offers a 60 Day Free Refill policy worth taking a look at, but you likely won't need it :)

Who should I talk to if I have a question, problem or special request?

You can contact us here or reply to any order confirmation email you receive from us. We're always here and happy to help!