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How often can I post?


Every package allows for up to 3 posts per day which is more than enough for most customers. If you regularly post more than 3 times per day (then settle down! LOL! JK!) you can follow the instructions here.

To double the number of posts allowed on your subscription per day, please purchase the next largest package and contact us to adjust your subscription. For example:
  1. You want to subscribe to the smallest package (25-50) but you regularly post 4-6 times per day
  2. Purchase the next largest package (50-100)
  3. Then contact us with your order number and let us know you want to adjust your subscription to allow for up to 6 posts per day
  4. We’ll adjust your subscription back down to 25-50 likes per post and enable 6 posts per day
If you post 6-9 times per day, purchase the package 2 larger than the one you want (100-150) and contact us to adjust it.

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